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Longshot boldly ventures into the unknown regions of Skyforge, bringing new and old members together to protect Aelion with extreme techno-immortal diplomacy!

The Pantheon (guild) continues to grow - adding newly familiar voices to our TS server such as team players Dark1337 and Artemis, plus many others. Amist runs amok as Longshot's unofficial mascot and hitman, while Aaanxis plans the next orbital strike from the Divine Observatory.

On the foreseeable horizon is the first ever Guild Wars 2 expansion: Heart of Thorns, the free-to-play version of WildStar, and the next installment of World of Warcraft: Legion. Until then...

Take Care, Negotiators!

LasherX ah crap I thought you meant we were playing a space game, booo!!
Mashidar F2P Wildstar has been interesting to test so far. ...
Europa It's been a blast so far on Team Speak with everyone:)!
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