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Improved AIWow some awesome changes in GW2 this month. Account bound dyes, free trait resets, etc...
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masterthehero   Boooooooo!
Mashidarmasterthehero look this has our name all over it! ;)
Getting married in Elder Scrolls Online is a short but worthwhile endeavor. By using the Pledge of Mara at the correct Shrine to Mara, players acquire Rings which bind them togethe...
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masterthehero   This video has YOUR name all over it: [link]
Improved AI   Don't get cold feet now, Master!
mastertheheroStar Citizen looks amazing.
Star Citizen Pax East 2014 Live - All of Actual Ingame Scene...
Collected actual ingame scenes. Cut other parts. We should k...
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Improved AI   I see your video, Mater and I raise you [link]
masterthehero   I guess no one noticed that he called the youtube video: "Beyond Europe." I heard about this game yesterday, curious to see what's going to be different.
masterthehero   Actually, I call your video with this article: [link]
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2014 is upon us and with time several of our chapters come to a close. The long-held fortress of Heaven Reaching Peak in Age of Wushu has lastly left our guard. Raiding parties finally disperse post pillaging the Mogu'shan Vaults in the World of Warcraft. The history of Tyria remains preserved from the countless Longshot Fractal runs in Guild Wars 2.

What's next for Longshot Diplomacy?

Several next-gen games are on the horizon for us. The Diplomats eagerly awaits the launch of blockbuster titles like Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar. Meanwhile we rally on Mumble and Steam; biding our time with the likes of Rift, Marvel Heroes, Eve Online, Hearthstone, and many others.

Let us all reconnect and relax during the downtime. Celebrate on good times; feast with family and friends. But be wary that your broadsword not rust, nor your hard drive frag... for glory awaits.

Take Care, Negotiators!

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