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Mashidar   created a new thread Archeage Adventures in the The Librarium forum
CrizzleShib' The Timb's and Avast ye Mateys!! PIRATE DAY be upon us in the Lands of Azeroth!! All I wanna know, is whose coming with me?! ...Thank You Jan!
Guide: Pirates' Day 2014
Avast, ye mateys! World of Warcraft's Pirates' Day is upon us this September 19, and the jolly crew at BlizzPro has a map of sorts to guide you through the day's festivities. Poor ...
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Crizzle   Have a drink with an NPC in Booty Bay, get an Achieve...aaand kills some things for things. Pretty Straight forward, no?
Improved AI   lol great reminder - V and I will be there for sure.
Aanaxis   Of course, how could I resist
The Reddest of RosiesHappy Birthday Wilmar!!!!
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masterthehero   Thanks Rosie! Spent this day working, but yesterday was a blast.
CrizzleI found the update for The Lost Pariah thread in the Ambassador's Retreat. Very nice...I didn't even realize he never spoke through the last bit. Keep'em coming!

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Improved AICheck out what's coming before Draenor
6.0.2 PTR Patch Notes - MMO-Champion BlueTracker
Patch 6.0.2, the pre-expansion patch for Warlords of Draenor™ is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR)! Participating on the Public Test Realms lets you test co...
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Crizzle   Welcome Back. I love the Cinnabuns shout out there in your pic!
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2014 is upon us and with time several of our chapters come to a close. The long-held fortress of Heaven Reaching Peak in Age of Wushu has lastly left our guard. Raiding parties finally disperse post pillaging the Mogu'shan Vaults in the World of Warcraft. The history of Tyria remains preserved from the countless Longshot Fractal runs in Guild Wars 2.

What's next for Longshot Diplomacy?

Several next-gen games are on the horizon for us. The Diplomats eagerly awaits the launch of blockbuster titles like Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar. Meanwhile we rally on Mumble and Steam; biding our time with the likes of Rift, Marvel Heroes, Eve Online, Hearthstone, and many others.

Let us all reconnect and relax during the downtime. Celebrate on good times; feast with family and friends. But be wary that your broadsword not rust, nor your hard drive frag... for glory awaits.

Take Care, Negotiators!


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