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Longshotters from around the globe have caught Black Desert fever and the only cure is more AFK fishing. Join the team on the Orwen Server, Balenos 02 Channel for an epic voyage through this breathtaking sandbox MMO.

No ghillie suit, no problem.

Improved AIAnyone else who needs an invite to Discord, please be sure to PM me. Thanks!
Improved AIGrats Phylo on your new weapon!
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WenaHEY LONGSHOTTERS It's wena :d I miss you guys! I'm glad to hear you guys are playing bdo :p I'm over in the Edan server, I just wanted to check up <3
Wena   oh. Secret from AOW for those that don't remember my rl name xD
LasherX   SUP! yea Hows it going!! What class you playing
Wena   It's good :d I'm a witch! I love caster classes :)
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